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A Place to Create Memories

Lush Outdoor Space

The Courtyard

Nestled within the embrace of majestic century-old oak trees, this enchanting courtyard venue exudes an air of natural splendor. Seating up to 100 people, the space is carefully designed to provide an intimate and charming outdoor celebration.

The courtyard is a fusion of curated landscaping, with meticulously manicured lawns and thoughtfully placed foliage adding a touch of botanical sophistication.

As daylight filters through the branches of the century-old oaks, sunlight bathes the venue in a soft, romantic glow, making it an ideal place for both daytime celebrations and evening gatherings.



  • Our venue boasts picturesque landscaping with artificial grass that stays pristine year-round.
  • Immerse yourself in the charm of history as century-old oak trees provide natural shade and a timeless ambiance.
  • With direct access to both indoor spaces, transitioning between indoor and outdoor events seamlessly blends your celebrations for a unique experience.
  • Our courtyard can comfortably host up to 100 guests with a 20 x 20 and a 20 x 60 tent (not included) or even more guests under the open sky.
Unique and Stunning Celebrations.

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